IRB:Protecting the Rights and Welfare of Human Research Subjects              
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IRB:Protecting the Rights and Welfare of Human Research Subjects
Guidelines & Procedures

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Continuing education of individuals involved in human subjects research is essential to assure that Kaiser Permanente complies with its obligation to the Federal Government and protects the safety and welfare of members participating in research at Kaiser Permanente.  Human Research Subject protection law and regulation is constantly evolving, thus requiring ongoing re-certification. 


Ø     CITI General Human Subjects Protection Training (updated 8/10/2022) - Effective September 25, 2018, Kaiser Permanente Southern California (KPSC) Researchers, who do not have an NIH training on file with the IRB and plan to conduct and/or participate in non-FDA regulated and/or non-clinical trials research, must complete this one-time CITI Human Subjects Protection (HSP) Biomedical Human Subjects Protection-Basic course.

Ø     Southern California SCPMG Trials/FDA Regulated Clinical Trials (updated 7/1/2018) - Kaiser Permanente Southern California Clinical trials researchers involved in any projects that use Food and Drug Administration regulated drugs, biologics, or devices must complete an educational program produced by Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) on Good Clinical Practices (GCP). Kaiser Permanente Southern California Researchers will need to recertify CITI GCP training every 3 years.

Ø     HIPAA Researcher Training and Certification (updated 4/21/2021) - All researchers must complete this one-time mandated HIPAA training. Submit as instructed on the Documentation of Completion on page 22.

Ø     SOP 502 Reportable Events Training and Certification - Effective August 25, 2020, Kaiser Permanente Southern California (KPSC) Researchers are not be required to complete this one-time training.


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